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WELCOME TO Ra-Ni Precast

Precast Technology is the emerging technology in the construction industry in India. Precast concrete structures were made as segment of high quality under factory environment with precise dimension accuracies. It can be transferred to the construction site at the required time, installing the same with lifting machineries and minimum man power. Ra – Ni Precast staffs were well trained in Abroad & India

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  • Storm Water Drains

    Storm Water Drains

    Storm water drains were produced in 5 different sizes as per the Chennai corporation and which shall be standardised

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  • Culverts


    Precast culverts varies from 1.5 meters wide to 5 meters wide. These culverts is more advantageous

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  • Products

    Precast Walls

    Walls shall be classified into Load bearing walls, Partition walls and façade walls. Load bearing walls were

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  • Precast Column

    Precast Columns

    Precast columns shall be produced in all sizes and it can be designed as single / two / three tired columns.

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  • Beams

    Precast Beams

    Precast beams generally will be partially precast and the top reinforcement and concreting will be done

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  • Slabs

    Precast Slabs

    Precast slabs thickness varies from 75 mm to 150 mm and it is also generally designed as partial precast system only

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  • Pre-stressed Slabs

    Pre-stressed Slabs

    These slabs were more advantageous to RCC precast slabs as its steel consumption is much lesser and its length shall be upto.

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  • Staircases


    Precast staircase is one of the products which attracts many clients as it doesn’t require any finishing works

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  • Compound Wall Elements

    Compound Wall Elements

    Compound Elements were columns generally H shaped and compound walls of 75 to 100 mm thick.

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  • Refuse Chute

    Refuse Chute

    Precast Refuse Chute is generally used in Mulitstoried buildings to collect all the garbage

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  • Toilets


    Precast mobile Toilet is easy to shift from place to place and it Ideal for Swachh Bharat Scheme for rural areas

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  • Precast Pergola

    Precast Pergola

    Precast Pergola is elegant and economical and one of the Architects preferred item

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  • Other Precast Elements

    Other Precast Elements

    There are many other precast elements which shall designed time to time as per the clients requirements,

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  • iconBuilding with pre-cast concrete elements opens up the opportunity to have a separate production, because the required products can be stored ahead       of time, no matter at what stage the construction is.
  • iconPre-casting takes place in work sheds and therefore weather conditions are irrelevant
  • iconSupply can be stocked and only the quantity required will be shifted to the construction site
  • iconPre-cast concrete parts have a different rate of production when compared to the in situ construction at site
  • iconThis production technology is extremely precise when it comes to measuring
  • iconThe steel reinforcement can be built exactly to the requirement and therefore used optimally
  • iconThe steel reinforcement can be completely built and set into the concrete parts and the time required to process reinforcement material at the                  construction site is reduced